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Our Story

The Indian Thread, a brand established to bring you the best of hand-crafted fashion accessories & home furnishings from India.The Indian Thread was founded by Charu Soni, a resident of Mosman Village, New South Wales, Australia.

Born and raised in India, amongst the best artisans and workman's of the 20th century, Charu was mentored by her father who ran the family business of fashion accessories since 1980, selling everything from world famous Pure himalayan wool shawls, silk & cotton scarves, cushion covers to rare and handmade jewels. Surrounded by artists and creativity throughout her childhood, naturally gave Charu an inclination to carry the family legacy as her dream project and launch her Brand in Australia which she calls, her home.
The Indian Thread brings handpicked collection of articles from authentic artisans spread across various parts of India. You will experience rich heritage and cultural influences in our designs, fabrics which are made from traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes to give you a quality product. We chose to feature our products locally in Sydney, the land of picturesque beaches; to inspire you to create your own style with our designs.
Meet the Owner 

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